Phantom Labs

We’re pioneers in pasting posters & paving the way

for out of home innovation

Phantom continues to push the boundaries with our special builds offering, Phantom Labs

Phantom Labs is an open invitation:

  • To try new creative avenues:

    In the world of digital, out of home truly is a playground. 

    Labs is an opportunity to break the fourth wall, and test new ways of interacting with your audience.

    Bonus: there’s a clever idea for every sized budget!
  • To collaborate with us:

    Bring us your idea, or ask us if we’ve got anything new we’re wanting to try.

    We’ve found true success comes from putting our heads together with our clients.

    We love a challenge!
    • To create impact beyond the wall:

      The best of builds can last forever.

      Good photos, and a robust social media strategy can turn your special build into digital content that can be harvested long after it has been and gone.

    ‘Phantom’s in-house magicians got busy, and set up a show-stopping
    installation on our Symonds St site’

    – Olivia Bennett, Sky Television

    From ‘giant cheese’ to ‘Karl Urban shooting lasers from his eyes’, our special builds are the perfect compliment to a poster campaign, or can be standalone show-stopping spectacles

    So, your idea, or ours?
    Call 0800 PHANTOM or request a quote to get the wheels turning on your brand’s Phantom Labs build