Birkenstock chose street posters, should you?

A shout-out for Birkenstock

We love all kinds of posters, whether they’re splashy, psychedelic, minimal, or just plain intriguing. One thing that never goes out of style is the power of a striking, simple image.

This recent campaign for Birkenstock proves it.

It’s a beautifully shot, artfully cropped picture of a sandal with some discreet branding. When you have a heritage like Birkenstock’s you can strip the message down to its essentials and rely on the sophistication of your design to make an impact. In a world where people are constantly bombarded by shouty messages, a brand that has the confidence to dial things back can really stand out.

birkenstock sandals new zealand out of home poster advertising

Congratulations to Birkenstock for making the most of the medium. The summer months, when foot traffic peaks at most of our 6,500 poster frames around New Zealand, is the perfect time to hit the streets with a footwear campaign.

Now it’s your turn…

Street posters work brilliantly over summer when New Zealand is out and about. Got a product or event you want to make famous? Contact us now.