How Deadly Ponies set off a sticker stampede

How Deadly Ponies set off a sticker stampede.

A poster can be more than just a poster. It can be a giant sticker, for example.

When the team at Deadly Ponies wanted to promote their My Little Pony Collection in 2017, they came up with the idea of street posters centred around #MeetShadow – their very own My Little Pony. What if the poster was actually a giant sticker? That would make it both interactive and collectable.

As Managing Director Steven Boyd says, it was an idea they hadn’t seen before. “We thought it was pretty unique at the time – executing it was always going to be the challenge.”

Working with Phantom Billstickers, the Deadly Ponies team solved the technical challenges inherent in a sticker-poster and put together a schedule weighted towards sites near Deadly Ponies stores.

So what did the campaign look like – and what made it distinctive?

“Because the poster was a large sticker, Shadow could be removed and put somewhere else,” says Steven. “We designed it so that it left behind the silhouette. Since the My Little Pony shape is so distinctive, the campaign still worked even when the pony sticker was removed.”


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Social media takes it to the next level.

As the sticker-posters went up, Deadly Ponies leveraged the power of its brand via social media networks. Phantom Billstickers also promoted the campaign to its 30,000 Facebook followers. The result was a viral sensation.

“It received a huge amount of traction on social media, particularly among those who nabbed Shadow and were posting pictures of him on their bedroom wall and other random places” says Steven.

Kasmira Munro, the Phantom Billstickers Account Manager who worked with Deadly Ponies on the campaign, confirms that things got crazy.

“We had people calling into the office and messaging Phantom through social media to find out where the poster locations were so they could grab a sticker,” she says.

Steven Boyd is pleased with the buzz generated by an interactive street poster and clever targeting. “Our campaigns are usually pretty distinctive, so it is a great way to be seen by our customers who happen to be right near one of our retail stores,” he says.

If your brand has passionate fans, why not make the most of street posters to reach them when they’re out and about? Get creative, like Deadly Ponies did, and make sure you amplify your message via social media. Then you can take advantage of the best media of all: word of mouth.

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