Flyer distribution will help your sales soar

How flyer distribution can help your sales soar

Advertising flyer distribution has always been one of the most effective ways to promote local gigs and public festivals. Passed hand to hand, the flyers of yesteryear usually found the right people – but you never knew how quickly your flyers would be ‘recycled’ into the bin.

That’s why we developed a street-smart flyer campaign system which gets your sales message into people’s hands (and heads) like nothing else. Our secret? Targeting.

Phantom Billstickers has built up a network of custom-designed flyer distribution racks and placement opportunities in 2,500 cafes, venues and other outlets around New Zealand. Our staff in hard-to-access local markets from Whangarei to Queenstown have painstakingly put together New Zealand’s smartest network for targeted flyer campaigns. And now we’ve added a further layer: accountability.

With our state-of-the-art placement and reporting software, you can create a campaign that delivers your flyers to the demographics that match your objectives. Specify the timing, locale and type of outlet. We will put together a flyer-based schedule that delivers the audiences to match your campaign objectives.


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Phantom’s flyer channel is particularly well suited to the events and arts sectors, with their need to deliver time-bound information that carries a clear call to action. It’s great for offers and incentives too. Coffee drinkers and diners notice our smartly designed flyer distribution racks, pick up the flyers and take them away. Sales follow on cue.

No wonder big names such as the NZ Film Festival rely on Phantom’s nationwide flyer distribution network to drive sales. Maybe your brand should too.