Make us accountable for your marketing spend

A is for Accountability.


Street posters have always been a newsworthy, high-impact medium for street-level marketing. This perhaps came at the expense of accountability. How could you tell if your hard-hitting campaign had actually appeared when the schedule said it should? How could you be sure your marketing investment had been delivered?

Relax. The hitherto fly-by-night business of sticking up street posters around New Zealand is now one of the world’s most accountable media channels. Phantom Billstickers has been working hard (and investing significant sums) to make sure your posters go up when and where your marketing media schedule says they should.


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The key is Phantom’s unique ‘Pasted’ app.

Here’s how it works. Every time one of your posters is installed into a Phantom Frame we snap a photo and the app kicks in; geo-tagging and naming the photo by site code and address in real time as it uploads to your live campaign map.
This live link is emailed to you and with a simple click you have your POPs and a live map of your campaign presence. Quick, smart, quick smart.

That’s what we mean by accountability. Seeing is believing.

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*We prefer longer deadlines of course. But if you absolutely, positively have to get the word out on the streets and short notice, we’ll work live maniacs to make it happen.