Innovative branding lives on the street

Innovative branding lives on the street.


Imagine you’re a kiwi entrepreneur who’s tasked with branding a new soft drink, a new beer, or maybe a new range of handbags. You have a great product and a cool logo. You’ve nailed the packaging and found distribution. You’ve piqued interest with social media branding and picked up thousands of fans.

What’s next?

You take it to the streets – and get your branding in front of a mass audience.

With forward-thinking branding, awareness is gold. Traditional media routes include TV, billboards and PR but these often don’t reach or resonate with influencers. The internet can help you build a tribe but there’s nothing like popping up in people’s lives where they work and play. That’s where street posters come in.


Deadly ponies ponsonby central out of home new zealand branding

Deadly Ponies Street Poster Campaign, Ponsonby Central, Auckland, New Zealand.

A poster campaign through Phantom Billstickers puts your branding in places people can’t ignore. You can be hyper-targeted and local – appearing along the routes they travel or beside the outlets that stock your product. You can go large with a nationwide campaign, and look big for a surprisingly reasonable budget. At all times you control the creative and call the shots.

Maybe that’s why some of New Zealand’s hottest brands have graced our frames over recent months:

Deadly Ponies
Kokako coffee
Garage Project
1 Above
Ashley & Co.
Federal Deli
Simon & Lee
Juliette Hogan
Indigo & Iris
twenty-seven names

With over 6,500 frames nationwide, Phantom Billstickers has the power to help your brand make it big. Get in touch.