Summer Festivals with Phantom Billstickers

Get ready for a summer of festivals and arts, brought to you by Phantom.

We’re not promoters or performers (well, not full-time performers). But we’re proud to say that summer gigs and festivals wouldn’t be the same without our posters.

At last count, there were well over 200 festivals, gigs and outdoor events booked into Phantom’s poster frames. All the biggies are there –SploreWomadLanewayWondergardenand Pride (both Auckland and Wellington) – as well as a host of niche festivals. Fancy heading to the Summer of Pinot or Whare Flat Folk Festival? Our street posters will give you the heads-up.

Festivals splore music festival street posters out of home


Even in this age of websites and social media, promoters know nothing beats a street poster when you want to reach the casual fans and trigger ticket sales. They can also fit all their acts and attractions into one of our frames, so fans can see at a glance who’s going to be on stage. Try doing that with a tweet.

Summer’s when New Zealand lives outdoors. Your campaign should, too.