Exclusive Network for Events and Arts

In 1983 Jim Wilson set off in the dead of night with a paste bucket and a bundle of gig posters. Other acts saw what he was doing, and came knocking on his door. Phantom quickly became a vital part of the NZ indie rock scene and is now the sponsor of Phantom National Poetry Day. Jim still owns Phantom, and we’re all still passionate about supporting grassroots events and the arts.

For 40 years, Phantom has been Aotearoa’s noticeboard. Artists need audiences and venues need to sell tickets. Street posters are topical and colourful – we call them ‘flora for the concrete jungle.’ People who spend time at festivals and concerts know the street is the best place to find out what’s going on.

To help promote your event, we’ve built an arts network that delivers audiences. Phantom Billstickers has exclusive formats, bollards and A3 posters in the places you need to be. We know the performing arts run on vision, grit and bravery. To help you achieve your goals, our network is cost-effective and big on results.