Experiential & Sampling Phantom Labs

The audience must engage with a campaign if you want to drive change. Brand awareness is great but it’s just the beginning. A well-executed experiential campaign is the key to standing out from the crowd, so Phantom Labs will help you craft memorable installations that change customer behaviour.

We can target where you need to be because we have hundreds of exclusive roadside locations. Your audience is on the street and they’ll have time to experience your product, pull out their phones, scan a code and post on their socials.

Sampling is your secret weapon for brand consideration and loyalty. You can make your product the star with our ‘Grab Me’ shelves. Use the posters next to the shelves to promote the giveaway, and create an event on the street.

Our sites are at street level so everything’s accessible and easy. Our experienced team can create a custom build to take things to the next level. Is your product kept in the bathroom? We can fit a bathroom sink to the poster, complete with running water. With our experience and street smarts, it could be more affordable than you think.