Phantom Max Street Posters

Build brand awareness by reaching as many potential customers as cheaply and quickly as possible. Phantom makes it easy with over 6,000 Max A0-sized street posters across New Zealand. Our smart planning tools let you target the places your customers hang out, so you can buy the highest-performing sites. Fine-tune your budget and get the greatest return on your investment.

Effective advertising is all about cutting through and engaging with audiences. Phantom’s Max posters capture attention at street level, so passers-by can stop and look up your brand on their phones. One poster does the job, but why stop there? Place a bunch together to showcase your range, tell a story, add more impact, insert an offer, and close the deal with a call to action.

Drive more sales by placing your message close to the point of purchase. There’s nothing like a well-placed street poster to jog a consumer’s memory. With thousands of sites close to retail outlets in the CBD or suburbs, Phantom is perfectly placed when your customers are making decisions to buy.