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Phan Mail 209

The Wall of Wolfe Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a Martin Scorsese film telling the story of charismatic, drug-taking financiers and bullshitters in 1980s New York.

The Wall of Wolfe Street is Phantom’s latest poster site in downtown Auckland. No drugs or bullshit involved.  Close to the premium retail of Commercial Bay, our site boasts 24 frames in Phantom’s show-stopping Max format. It’s on the corner of Federal and Wolfe Streets, perfectly positioned to attract attention from office workers during the day and fun-seekers at night.

If you have an arts event or premium brand to promote, we reckon it’s right down your alley.

 “Sell me this pen.”

Not to stretch the point, but The Wolf of Wall Street is all about selling.

So is The Wall of Wolfe Street.

At Phantom Billstickers, our goal for your campaign is to deliver a win in every frame. We look very hard at the sites we buy and we run the numbers on their viewers and foot traffic. That’s because we know every site is an investment and our clients need to make a return.

When your creative is placed in our frames, we’re accountable for its performance. We want you to get a good deal. Unlike Jordan Belfort.  

See what’s possible at Ready to book a campaign? Call 0800 PHANTOM (0800 742686) or get in touch with Kirsten Lowry at to book your eye candy. 

Phan Mail – Volume 196

50 free posters for your first post-lockdown gig. Come and get ‘em

This is a very simple offer.

You’re a live performer. You want to promote your first gig since the most recent lockdown was eased. We’ll help you, with 50 A3 posters.

It’s that simple. Send us your artwork and tell us your preferred dates for the posters to go up. We’ll take care of the printing and placement (subject to availability of Phantom frames in your area). First come, first served.

There’s one free 50-poster campaign per customer. And don’t worry if lockdown hasn’t ended in your area yet – this offer will still be there when gigs eventually start up in your hood again.

Sticking up for live music since 1982

At Phantom, we’re committed to the vital task of capturing attention and turning it into an audience.

We’ve been doing it since the early 80s when we first started sticking posters on walls. These days we offer a wide range of poster formats and a nationwide network of over 6,500 poster frames around Aotearoa.

We love all the clients that advertise in our frames but we’ll always have a particularly soft spot for the arts. You guys have been doing it tough over the last few years. Now more than ever, we reckon it’s time to support the people who entertain audiences and make our country a more interesting place.

So tell people about your first post-lockdown show, once you’ve locked it in. We’ll give you 50 free Phantom posters to do so.

Find out more and book your free poster campaign by firing off an email now to

And if you’ve been meaning to book your vaccine but haven’t quite got round it, you know what to do. It’s the key to a carefree summer of festivals, gigs and meet-ups.