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November 2023

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Embrace your Superfans.

Superfans are the most precious asset any brand (or band) can have.

They’re your repeat customers, your ticket buyers and frequent flyers. They’re the 20% of your customer base who drive 80% of your sales. The people who engage with your social posts. The people who write your 5-star reviews. The people who power your most effective marketing channel – word of mouth.

If only there were a cost-effective way of engaging them even more.

There is.

Super sites for Superfans.

Something special happens when people who love your brand see your poster.

They stop. They smile. They might even take a photo and post it on their socials.

That’s because street posters create emotional connection. There’s some clever psychological research behind this, but the gist is that fans feel they’re encountering a friend in a public place. It’s a sweet little surprise.

On a practical note, you’re also giving them shareable content. If your poster is creative enough, it might even go viral worldwide.   

At Phantom Billstickers, we’ve got hundreds of sites where your fans can find your brand. We’d love to put you guys in touch.

How to scale (and avoid a fail).

Street posters are brilliant for new entrants to a market. With street presence and the ability to dominate a local market, they’re a great way for feisty newcomers to announce their arrival. 

Then when it’s time to scale, posters are even more essential. Here’s why:

Awareness that translates into sales. Old thinking is that awareness (the currency of brands) is only loosely connected to sales performance. But with outdoor media, you get the best of both worlds. One study found that internet searches out of home are 38% more likely to lead to a sale than those conducted at home. 

Digital native brands need to live outside digital, eventually. Many new brands have a huge advantage in being digitally native because they don’t have to go through the digital transformation of legacy brands. That said, at some stage, they need to distinguish themselves from the other digital natives – and posters are a great way to show the flag.

The brand medium your future consumers love. Gen Z doesn’t watch mainstream TV and takes digital for granted. However, they love outdoor media – perhaps because of its creative scope and lack of adtech surveillance.

Create events that go viral. Phantom’s poster sites have dispensed kombucha, chocolate, books, and hot cross buns. With a little imagination and some help from our clever Account Managers and Phantom Labs team, you can get the public sampling, sharing, and raving about your up-and-coming brand. 

Sustainability is built in. With carbon footprints being scrutinized by consumers, your growing brand needs to watch its step. At Phantom, we’re onto it. Our operations are certified carbon-zero, and we’re committed to making street posters the most sustainable option in the marketing mix. 

Oh, and there’s the small matter of affordability. We understand that your marketing budget is not infinite, and you need to make every brand campaign work for its living. Phantom’s nationwide network of 6,500 poster frames gives you the ability to target your audiences and look big on a budget. 

Get in touch and find out how. 

Summer refreshment for your eyes.

It’s been refreshing to see advertisers embrace the potential of street posters as the days grow longer.

Coruba, Macs, Panhead, L&P, Zeffer. They all know it makes sense to be outdoors as Aotearoa slips into party mode. Bright, fresh, clean creative that stands out like a yacht’s spinnaker against the blue skies.

They’re not the only brands to make their mark. Even before Christmas hits, Saben, Nikon, and Vans have been reminding shoppers of what’s in-store. 

Phantom’s poster frames will be working 24/7 on city streets this summer. Maybe your brand should, too.

More daylight means more opportunities to be seen.

There’s an old myth that no one spends money after Christmas, so why advertise?

Tell that to the people selling tickets to summer festivals or soft drinks to thirsty families. 

They know that Phantom’s 6,500 poster frames work non-stop throughout the year – even more so when their customers are out and about. And when they invest in bright, summery creative, they can really make bank.

Talk to us now if you want to stand out this summer. 

People of Phantom: Courtney Carter

Auckland-born and bred, Courtney took a 12-week break after the pandemic that turned into a 12-month contract crisscrossing the globe with Emirates. Before that, she successfully launched, built, and sold her own design and print business. You could say she’s a self-starter with an optimistic mindset and a proven ability to make things happen – which is why we’re pleased to have her onboard.

If you haven’t already caught up with Courtney, here’s a guide to what makes her tick.

My role at Phantom Billstickers is working closely with agencies and onboarding new business as Phantom’s newest (and coolest) Account Manager.

My journey in the industry began with print wholesale, selling machinery and media to print shops. I later set up my own successful print and design business. Following the sale of that venture, I moved to Dubai for a working holiday, exploring different corners of the globe for just over a year. Now I’ve returned home, ready to dive back into the hustle and grind.

You could say it’s a sales role but it’s really about bringing ideas to life. Everyone at Phantom loves finding ways for clients to get more for their money. It might involve helping a client pick the perfect combination of sites to reach their audience at a lower cost per view. Or it could mean developing an interactive element or installing lasers to light up the night.

One campaign I love is The Boy’s epic takeover. Laser eyes and a burnt-out car. Absolutely unmissable!

The one piece of advice I’d give clients is ‘Have fun with it!’ Challenge us, and ask us to brainstorm ideas. There are so many ways we can take an outdoor campaign to the next level.

After hours you’ll find me at the beach or hitting bombs down the fairway. And I’m a massive foodie and coffee connoisseur so you’ll always see me out and about trying new spots.

Phantom X HPA

The streets are ever-evolving, as such Hand Painted Advertising (HPA) has emerged as a transformative medium, not just for brands but for landlords seeking to enhance the allure of their properties. In New Zealand, we are leading the way in turning everyday walls into captivating canvases, infusing unparalleled beauty and substantial value into urban spaces and the properties they grace.

We are fortunate to have become synonymous with turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary works of art. Our extensive network of carefully curated sites has allowed us to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from global brands like Vans and Sony Pictures to local favorites such as Bunnings and Pump. By blending creativity with strategic placement, we create immersive brand experiences that resonate deeply with viewers.

For landlords, having an HPA masterpiece on their property instantly elevates its appeal. These stunning artworks don’t just cover walls; they transform them into living, breathing narratives that captivate the eye and inspire the imagination. Passersby are drawn to the unique visual appeal, making properties stand out in a crowded market.  The aesthetic enhancement offered by HPA translates into increased property desirability and higher demand. We only have to look at the work of Banksy across the globe. From notorious street artist to live shredding works at Sotheby’s Auction House, Banksy’s street works are now covered with ultra-thick weatherproof perspex to ensure the pieces stay intact.

What sets us apart is our team of specialist artists, whose talent knows no bounds. Working in various styles, our artists ensure brand consistency across different mediums and high-profile locations. By seamlessly integrating brand messages into stunning visual narratives, we help engage audiences and create shareable content. Each stroke of the brush reflects our dedication to transforming urban spaces into captivating stories, making brands not just seen, but experienced.

Phantom Billstickers’ HPA campaigns are not just advertisements; they are immersive experiences that engage the community. By showcasing vibrant, locally relevant art, property owners become integral contributors to the cultural fabric of their neighbourhoods. This active involvement fosters a positive relationship with the community, enhancing the property’s reputation and the landlord’s standing. Such positive perception can lead to long-term tenant relationships, reduced vacancy rates, and a strengthened sense of community.

Unlike traditional advertising mediums, HPA endures the test of time. The artistic legacy created on a property’s walls becomes a lasting testament to the landlord’s commitment to the neighborhood. Brands associated with these visually striking artworks benefit from prolonged exposure, ensuring long-term recognition and brand loyalty. For landlords, this means attracting reputable brands interested in long-term collaborations, adding stability and financial security to their property investments.

The aesthetic transformation brought about by HPA translates into tangible financial benefits. Properties featuring these artistic masterpieces often experience higher appreciation rates, delivering substantial returns on investment for landlords. Additionally, the buzz generated by these captivating artworks can lead to increased foot traffic, benefiting businesses operating within the property and enhancing their bottom line.

Phantom Billstickers’ expertise in HPA not only enriches the visual landscape but also adds significant value to properties and the landlords who own them. By embracing the artistry of HPA, landlords are not only making a statement about their properties but also investing in a lasting, culturally enriching legacy that continues to be appreciated over time.