23 Nov 2023

How to scale (and avoid a fail).

23 Nov 2023

Street posters are brilliant for new entrants to a market. With street presence and the ability to dominate a local market, they’re a great way for feisty newcomers to announce their arrival. 

Then when it’s time to scale, posters are even more essential. Here’s why:

Awareness that translates into sales. Old thinking is that awareness (the currency of brands) is only loosely connected to sales performance. But with outdoor media, you get the best of both worlds. One study found that internet searches out of home are 38% more likely to lead to a sale than those conducted at home. 

Digital native brands need to live outside digital, eventually. Many new brands have a huge advantage in being digitally native because they don’t have to go through the digital transformation of legacy brands. That said, at some stage, they need to distinguish themselves from the other digital natives – and posters are a great way to show the flag.

The brand medium your future consumers love. Gen Z doesn’t watch mainstream TV and takes digital for granted. However, they love outdoor media – perhaps because of its creative scope and lack of adtech surveillance.

Create events that go viral. Phantom’s poster sites have dispensed kombucha, chocolate, books, and hot cross buns. With a little imagination and some help from our clever Account Managers and Phantom Labs team, you can get the public sampling, sharing, and raving about your up-and-coming brand. 

Sustainability is built in. With carbon footprints being scrutinized by consumers, your growing brand needs to watch its step. At Phantom, we’re onto it. Our operations are certified carbon-zero, and we’re committed to making street posters the most sustainable option in the marketing mix. 

Oh, and there’s the small matter of affordability. We understand that your marketing budget is not infinite, and you need to make every brand campaign work for its living. Phantom’s nationwide network of 6,500 poster frames gives you the ability to target your audiences and look big on a budget. 

Get in touch and find out how. 

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