30 Nov 2023

Embrace your Superfans.

30 Nov 2023

Superfans are the most precious asset any brand (or band) can have.

They’re your repeat customers, your ticket buyers and frequent flyers. They’re the 20% of your customer base who drive 80% of your sales. The people who engage with your social posts. The people who write your 5-star reviews. The people who power your most effective marketing channel – word of mouth.

If only there were a cost-effective way of engaging them even more.

There is.

Super sites for Superfans.

Something special happens when people who love your brand see your poster.

They stop. They smile. They might even take a photo and post it on their socials.

That’s because street posters create emotional connection. There’s some clever psychological research behind this, but the gist is that fans feel they’re encountering a friend in a public place. It’s a sweet little surprise.

On a practical note, you’re also giving them shareable content. If your poster is creative enough, it might even go viral worldwide.   

At Phantom Billstickers, we’ve got hundreds of sites where your fans can find your brand. We’d love to put you guys in touch.

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