16 Nov 2023

Summer refreshment for your eyes.

16 Nov 2023

It’s been refreshing to see advertisers embrace the potential of street posters as the days grow longer.

Coruba, Macs, Panhead, L&P, Zeffer. They all know it makes sense to be outdoors as Aotearoa slips into party mode. Bright, fresh, clean creative that stands out like a yacht’s spinnaker against the blue skies.

They’re not the only brands to make their mark. Even before Christmas hits, Saben, Nikon, and Vans have been reminding shoppers of what’s in-store. 

Phantom’s poster frames will be working 24/7 on city streets this summer. Maybe your brand should, too.

More daylight means more opportunities to be seen.

There’s an old myth that no one spends money after Christmas, so why advertise?

Tell that to the people selling tickets to summer festivals or soft drinks to thirsty families. 

They know that Phantom’s 6,500 poster frames work non-stop throughout the year – even more so when their customers are out and about. And when they invest in bright, summery creative, they can really make bank.

Talk to us now if you want to stand out this summer. 

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