16 May 2022

Being ‘net carbon zero certified’ is a good place to start

16 May 2022

Last year we put up our hands to be audited by Toitū Envirocare.

The results are now in. Phantom Billstickers is officially ‘net carbon zero certified.’

Now, this doesn’t mean our operations have been decarbonised – far from it. It simply means we’ve submitted every aspect of our business to independent scrutiny and then taken concrete steps to offset emissions. For example, our carbon emissions identified in the Toitū audit have been offset against the Amayo Phase II wind power project in Nicaragua.

Going forward, we’ll continue to offset our emissions against other International Fairtrade Gold Standard projects approved by Toitū.

The time for greenwashing is over

When Phantom started out 40 years ago, the street poster industry was pretty much organic by default. Cheap paper, printers’ ink and flour-and-water glue were our key inputs.

Times have changed. There are transport emissions, solvents, paper usage and a tonne of organisational inputs to be calculated. It’s hard to measure their extent, let alone their impact. So we turned to the experts. 

Enter Toitū.

They ruthlessly analysed every aspect of our operations, right down to requesting logs of all our Uber rides. The result is a carbon audit with a high degree of scientific certainty. This will inform our strategies while we use their science-based tools to drive emissions down, year on year.

You can check Phantom’s carbon emissions on Toitū – it’s a matter of public record. Hold us to account as we move towards our ultimate goal of being carbon positive over the coming months and years.

And hold the rest of the OOH sector to account, too. 

Want to find out more about Phantom’s net carbon zero journey? Check out the programme we’ve signed up for. Or give us a call.

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