31 Jan 2024

Land of the Long White…Lemonade?

31 Jan 2024

The lemonade stand has a long history dating back 130 years.

A symbol of entrepreneurship, and undoubtedly delicious refreshment on a hot summers day.

The idea instantly conjures feelings of warmth, excitement and refreshment and sums up the emotions that come with summer, call it a vibe.

When we think about posters, we can all pin-point a thought or feeling and are transported to a time in our minds.

For some, it may be a bedroom wall, rock gods, sporting legends and fashion icons cover bedroom walls the world over. When we take posters outside, the feeling doesn’t change, only the audience. They’re still communicating a message.

Powerful, thought provoking creativity is what sets apart the good from the great, and while posters have a power of their own, when combined with outside-the-box creative elements, magic can happen.

In a sea of visual stimuli, a creative poster stands out and grabs the attention of viewers.

Whether it’s through bold colours, striking imagery, or unique design elements, creativity ensures that the poster doesn’t blend into the background, but stands out on the street.

As consumers, we don’t want to be marketed to.

Times are changing, we want and need to feel a part of something.

We’re tired of being bombarded by cheap deals, discounted offers and skippable ads blowing up our digital feeds at every opportunity.

We want connection, authenticity, driven by creativity to deliver something engaging memorable and exciting.

Long White delivered.

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