14 Sep 2023

The streets are yours (if you move fast)!

14 Sep 2023

Everybody should have the opportunity to own the streets.

This is your chance to lock in Phantom’s best sites at the very best price, so your brand can absolutely dominate.

It’s not just a ‘package.’ It’s an opportunity for every advertiser – from scrappy start-ups to the big beasts of the urban jungle – to get access to Phantom’s premium locations. 

More than that – you get the planning smarts of our account managers to ensure your campaign is seen by all the right eyes.

There’s only one catch. You’ll have be quicker than a Taylor Swift fan on ticket release day, as these world-class sites won’t be available for long

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We don’t do deals. We do street domination.

Phantom doesn’t just mean posters, it means 40 years of knowledge, and it means knowing Aotearoa and its streets inside out. 

It means the strategic placement of your campaign to ensure it hits the right eyes, every time. 

If you want to see how good it gets, ask us to put our cards on the table.

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