18 Nov 2021

The pandemic, property and posters

18 Nov 2021

Your business probably looks quite different now compared to 18 months ago. We know ours does.

The disruption has been unforgettable, but there are also reasons for optimism. Commercial property and the billsticker business might seem to be in different sectors, but there are similar lessons to be learned by both.

Let’s take a look at how both posters and property can profit from changes in customer behaviour prompted by the pandemic.

In the short-term, we were both hit hard by Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions. Many of our respective clients were not able to use the space they had paid for, which led to pressure on payments. Yes, it hurt.

While this is unfortunate, it also points us towards some solutions.

A new focus on extracting value from space

Our marketing clients and your tenants (and potential tenants) have needs that are evolving. It’s not just a numbers game – X metres of space rented at X dollars. 

In a hyper-competitive market, there are opportunities to rethink space in ways that appeal strongly to growing or cash-rich customer groups.

For instance, Phantom has developed new ways of segmenting its network so advertisers can cash in on the opportunities that matter to them. We can put together a package of posters near supermarkets, to help FMCG clients reach shoppers on their way to one of the few businesses able to operate during a lockdown. 

Instead of simply selling square metres, we’re offering advertisers the ability to buy an audience they value.

We see commercial property owners taking a similar approach. They might be faced with a dip in demand for traditional office space but an unmet need for shared and co-working spaces. By tweaking the layout, adding multifunctional areas, custom video-conferencing rooms and even an espresso machine, property owners are adding the kind of value new tenants will pay for.

We’re both in the marketing business

Commercial property owners have always appreciated the value in finding the tenants who are the very best fit for their space. That’s the tenant who will pay top dollar and stay the longest.

The turmoil of Covid-19 and its associated lockdowns may have disrupted business-as-usual. But uncertainty has bred agility. This climate rewards businesses that have a relentless focus on segmenting customers, tweaking the offer and providing more specialised solutions. In the long term, this is good for both our businesses.

“We’re all in this together.” It may be a cliché, but there’s cold hard cash in it.

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