You’ll love this prize
21 May 2021

You’ll love this prize

21 May 2021

Rock music and posters go together like Page & Plant, Lennon & McCartney, Tegan & Sara or those two dudes in Daft Punk. Together, they make magic.

Designers relish the opportunity to create something vivid and original. Musicians relish the chance to connect with their audience on the street. The results frequently end up in the collections of art-lovers.

We love them too.

At Phantom Billstickers, the very first poster we stuck to a wall was promoting a gig. Every week, we stick up a load more. So we thought it was time to celebrate the art of the music poster with a free prize draw for Phan Mail readers.

The Art of Rock is 348 pages of visual delight – a lavishly illustrated record of the rock concert poster. From the hallucinatory creations of the psychedelic era, to the in-your-face impact of 70s punk, this book has it all. There’s a foreword by Bill Graham of Fillmore fame, interviews with poster artists, musicians and promoters, and much more.  

And it could be yours.

Be in to win

All you have to do is email Rupert Fenton at, type in your name and contact number, plus the answer to this question:

How many poster sites does Phantom Billstickers have in Dunedin?

Hint: You’ll find some useful information here

Get your answer to us by Tuesday 25th May and we’ll pick a winner. Rock on, people.

Legal stuff: This prize draw is free. Only one entry per person. No cash equivalent is available

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