17 Feb 2022

Art, enabled by you

17 Feb 2022

At Phantom, we think street posters have an essential role to play in our country’s culture. The arts don’t just take place behind closed doors. They need a public stage.

Here’s how Phantom supports the arts – and how it pays off for businesses like yours.

Attracting eyeballs to walls

It’s an obvious but overlooked truth that your buildings and our poster sites face public space. In a world where people are absorbed by the hyper-personalised ads on their screens, that creates an opportunity.

So every time we install a new set of Phantom frames we’re aiming to create a stage. We want people to be amazed at what they see there – and to look forward to each week’s new posters.

Commercial brands have a huge part to play because, as well as driving business outcomes, they can sponsor powerful images and alert your neighbourhood to upcoming events. The latest blockbuster film, ice cream on a sunny day, or this season’s hottest fashion – all these support local businesses and can make compelling posters.

But why stop there? Your site becomes even more attractive when an artist’s original vision enters the frame. Whether it’s stunning imagery from an exhibition, a gig by an up-and-coming band or a poem by one of this country’s most talented writers – it’s great to mix things up.

It makes Aotearoa a more interesting place. And it makes your building a little more special in the eyes of everyone who passes by.

And then there’s ‘brand rub.’

This is a media term for what happens when prestigious (but unrelated) brands are placed next to each other. So commercial insurance seems more approachable when it’s seen next to cultural events. Feisty start-ups grow in stature when they keep company with major brands.

The arts are a vital part of this process. Prestigious and edgy arts posters lend an air of sophistication to the outdoor advertising scene. Your property is associated with something special. Everyone wins.

Watch This Space Project
Artist: Bloom n Grow Gal
Photo Credit: Reuben Woods

In any case, it’s simply the right thing to do

We’re here to make a business case for the arts. But it’s not just about business.

Promoting the arts is simply the right thing to do.

In a small country like New Zealand, a little commercial support can make a big difference to someone promoting their first exhibition, their first tour or their first collection of poetry.

Our earliest clients were bands and orchestras. We still have a dedicated arts team, and we support the sector with initiatives like 50 free posters for live performers coming back after lockdown

Plus, we just like this stuff. It feels good to get up every day and know you’re doing your bit to support creative culture in Aotearoa. Chat to any of our billstickers and you’ll find a part-time artist, maker, musician or concert-goer. We’re all in this together.

Simon Sinek says people – and by extension, businesses – are inspired by a sense of purpose. He says we should all Start With Why.

For Phantom Billstickers, our ‘why’ is to provide flora for the concrete jungle.

So what’s in it for you?

As a property owner, you already benefit from having walls that are well maintained and free from tagging, with beautifully printed posters appearing in high-quality frames every week to delight your local audience. Through Phantom, you also become a vehicle for creativity.

But there’s another bonus – free tickets.

We often receive tickets and invites from the artists and promoters who advertise in our frames. We’re very happy to pass these on to people who love their work. So if you ever see a Phantom poster for a show you’d love to attend, get in touch. We may have a ticket or two we can provide, free of charge.

No promises, of course. But we’ll help out if we can.

Drop us a line on sites@0800phantom.co.nz. It never hurts to ask.

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