09 Mar 2022

Is this your next holiday?

09 Mar 2022

Phantom reached the unaware so Motueka could sell its wares

The sun shines a lot in the Motueka region. As well as an enviable climate, it boasts golden beaches, vineyards, a great Sunday market and three national parks. It’s a brilliant place for a break.

There’s just one issue. People from outside the region didn’t really think of it as a holiday hotspot. 

The team behind Love Motueka decided to change that. 

They put in a call to Phantom Billstickers.

We worked hard to sell relaxation

Love Motueka used Phantom posters in Wellington and Christchurch to promote the beauty of their region. Striking design and informative copy planted the idea of a Motueka holiday.

We had posters popping up all over Wellington and Christchurch, reaching busy commuters and harried shoppers. The campaign was cunningly booked for a fortnight leading up to summer, to catch urbanites who were pondering their next holiday. 

Posters + a website = the perfect promotion

With this campaign, Phantom delivered impact on the street and pointed towards the Love Motueka website. A whole lot of people then decided to sample the delights of this overlooked region. Mission accomplished. 

Paste plus pixels. It’s a powerful and cost-effective way to put a new holiday destination on the map.

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