16 Oct 2023

Slip, slop, slap up a poster!

16 Oct 2023

Be well covered when the sun comes out.

The Kiwi summer calls for some essential components. A summer hat to keep the sun’s rays off your face. A healthy application of sunscreen. A wardrobe full of summer shirts, sun dresses or sarongs.

Oh, and a Phantom Billstickers campaign to make the most of the season. 

Here’s why: Your audience will be revelling in the weather after all the wet and dreary days they’ve had to endure. With El Niño set to make its first appearance since 2016, a long spell of sunshine is on the cards. 

New Zealanders will be hanging out in parks, taking road trips, hosting parties and booking their tickets for summer events. That’s a crowd you want to reach.

Slap-bang in the middle of the action.

Phantom Billstickers has got you covered this summer. With over 6,500 poster frames around Aotearoa, we’re perfectly placed to deliver your audience. 

We’ll meet them by the beaches, in the car parks, in the city streets. We’ll surprise them in Napier or Nelson, and astonish them in Auckland. Whether you’re promoting a concert or boosting your brand, we’ll craft a schedule that does more business than an ice cream stand on a 30-degree day. 

Now’s the time to lock in Phantom’s prime summer sites. Challenge our Account Managers to get creative and see what they suggest.

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