26 Oct 2023

When times are tough, be like Phil Collins.

26 Oct 2023

No, we don’t mean practicing the drums and crooning your pop-soul compositions (unless you really want to).

We’re talking about having the vision to reach beyond your original loyal audience.

Phil did it when he stepped out from behind the drum kit and took on the role of frontman for prog rockers Genesis. It led to mainstream adulation and further reinvention as a solo artist and actor.

So what does this have to do with marketing in Aotearoa in 2023?

Quite a lot, actually.

Brand Loyalty Vs Expanding Market Penetration.

UK strategist Colin Horan has marshaled the evidence to show how brands that think beyond retention reap longer-term rewards. Like Phil Collins, they treat changing times as an opportunity to switch things up.

Colin puts it in a nutshell: “Driven by a quest for value, shoppers are actively seeking alternatives…This seismic shift away from ingrained routines presents a golden opportunity for brands to make their mark.”

That’s our cue.

Need a smash hit? You need posters.

With outdoor media, you can pop consumer information bubbles and present people with exciting new alternatives. That’s because street posters offer a winning mix of real-world impact and demographic reach.

So use Phantom’s smart targeting tools to buy the audiences you want to woo. Craft an omnichannel strategy that blends awareness and conversion. Break the internet with a site-specific activation campaign or a super-creative site takeover. (We have a whole division devoted to this – Phantom Labs.)

As Phil Collins recognized, sometimes you need to think bigger. You need to reach the people who aren’t buying your products.

We can help with that.

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