23 Jan 2024

The Takeover: Part 2.

23 Jan 2024

The Takeover Winners: Part 2 – Auckland.

With the continuing rise of the digital age, one thing we can all agree on is that we are bombarded by potential scams, daily.

If your inbox is full, check your texts. Full there too? Ring ring, scam incoming…

Enter The Takeover winners: Part 2 – Auckland City.

Re:scam by Netsafe pitched us a detailed look at an insane campaign, utilising our super-sized street level frames, neons, and creative design that showcased their AI Chatbot communicating with multiple message headlines from genuine scammers.

Taking the form of multiple humanoids, the face of the AI chatbot sits centre stage with a clear and important message, ‘Keep Scammers Busy’.

Using neons to communicate the ever-present streams of messages that we have unfortunately become accustomed to receiving, Netsafe doubled down on the messaging behind the campaign, visually highlighting the sheer volume of noise entering our brains.

The clickbait headlines with spelling errors and all are far too familiar.

So, what does Re:scam do?


When you get a scam email, forward it to me@rescam.org, and a bot sneakily disguises itself as a human and strings the scammer along on a realistic journey. How good.

High-impact location, insane idea, epic execution.

Re:scam has proudly wasted over 5 years of scammers’ time.

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