18 Jan 2024

Thinking BIG with hand-painted posters.

18 Jan 2024

Here in New Zealand we’ve been working with some insanely talented artists to create one-off murals that support our clients’ campaigns.

It’s been fascinating to see how New Yorkers are getting in on the act, too.

American shave brand Harry’s absolutely smashed its sales targets with their recent, award-winning collaboration with monstrous artist Kevin Lyons.

So what’s the appeal of the HPA format, and how do you create a showstopper?

The clue is in the name: Hand-Painted

Whether you’re selling shave kits, an indie film or a beer brand, Hand Painted
Advertising (HPA)
is about bringing a human touch to the world of commerce. You need accomplished artists to bring these ideas to life. (Spoiler alert: Phantom knows where to find them.)

Then you need to give your artist a canvas – which is another way of saying, a public space with the scale and visibility to capture a lot of eyeballs. Phantom has a selection of super sites that will get you tens of thousands of views per day.

But if you stop there, you’d be missing a trick.

Smart marketers leverage the impact by connecting their HPA installation to other touch points, from product merch to social media. That’s where Phantom’s poster frames add to the story. They complement your mural, and you can use them to carry the more specific details and value-adds that turn awareness into action.

In the case of Harry’s New York campaign, the custom artwork on the wall mirrored their capsule collection’s packaging. Then there was a QR code that sent viewers to the brand’s online store.

Here’s how it all came together, courtesy of US ad publication The Drum:

“This campaign is an example of how place-based OOH can be leveraged to generate powerful metrics in the digital sphere. This single-wall, content- driven, artist-collaboration campaign garnered significant engagement on-site and online, ultimately resulting in the limited-edition set selling out completely and becoming a collector’s item.

“This campaign outperformed social media metric expectations with a 7.3% engagement rate on a mural campaign recap video, reaching 7,500+ accounts, garnering 8,000+ views, and securing 500+ post engagements. And that was all from Colossal’s Instagram metrics.”

Like the look of those numbers? We do too.

‘Flora for the concrete jungle’ is what Phantom is all about. With our brand and creative partners, we bring art to walls, and deliver the sales that make everything viable.

If you’ve got a big idea for your brand, we’d love to take it to the street.

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