14 Feb 2024

The Takeover winners: Part 3.

14 Feb 2024

We’ve been waiting for this one.

Since their submission for The Takeover back in November, our labs team has been busy with R&D, working closely with the team to bring their dream pitch to life.

After seeing The Takeover campaigns by Garage Project and NetSafe last month, the rest of the team and Inspire themselves patiently awaited the realisation of their concept in Wellington.

Inspire Group is on a mission to help Kiwi companies revolutionise the way they train and grow their people.

They believe that better learning is life-changing.

We’re all so used to doom scrolling that we often forget about actually learning (remember what it was like to copy from the blackboard?).

Inspire aimed to swap scrolling for a more tangible learning experience, injecting a bit of old school fun on to the streets in Wellington. This is why we backed their pitch.

Street level interaction is what we do, no thumb prints on high density screens. We want faces squished up close and personal to the real deal.

The 90’s was a simpler time, game shows had us all glued to our TV’s on a Saturday night, one thing that strikes a chord in all of us is a spinning wheel with the opportunity to WIN WIN WIN.

Inspire took this concept and applied it to their campaign pitch in a way that was set up for the user to win the ultimate prize, knowledge.

Ben Hogg, Marketing Manager at Inspire said:

The idea for this campaign came from one of our Learning Designers who wanted to show our audience that learning doesn’t need to be cumbersome… in fact, it can be as quick and easy and scrolling on your phone on your way to work. We are a team of learning specialists, but we’re also a group of people who love to learn, and so the genesis of this campaign also came from the want of our team to share their love for learning

We can dig it.

The spinning wheel of educational fortune gives commuters something interesting to do on their way to work, the shops or home. Each segment showcases epic modules that the team at Inspire have created.

We love this one!

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