14 Feb 2024

This one’s for the creatives.

14 Feb 2024

Creatives, eh. 

You know – those happy-go-lucky freethinkers who don’t like to be tied down. They’re not driven by measurable outcomes. They just want to make stuff.

Turns out that making stuff is one of the most business-like things a marketer can do.

Data shared at the World Out of Home (WOO) forum showed that creativity played a paramount role in delivering a 47% boost in subsequent purchases and sales, surpassing the contributions of reach, brand, and sales at 22%, 15%, and 9% respectively.

So what’s the link between creativity and results?

You can learn a thing or two from 500 marketing campaigns.

In his presentation at WOO, Jay Young shared the results of some serious number crunching. 500 campaigns were fed into his model and the results were unambiguous. Creativity was shown to be more effective than brand and reach in driving purchases.

Jay acknowledged the critical role of optimising ad strategies and selecting the right channels. But converting potential impressions into genuine engagement calls for something extra. Step into the spotlight, creatives.

By embracing innovation, creativity breaks free of the confines of marketing-as-usual. When you apply this approach to outdoor media, you’re on the road to forging genuine connections with consumers

Posters offer you a unique suite of tools to maximise impact. They include tailoring content to the location and unleashing the power of special build installations. Advertisers who use these tools can amplify the impact of their campaigns. 

Flora for the concrete jungle.

At Phantom, we don’t just talk about creativity – we enable it.

Since we first started pasting up street posters four decades ago, we’ve been committed to the idea that creativity makes the world a better place. And what’s good for audiences is great for marketers.

That’s why we get behind campaigns that turn mundane walls into sunny lemonade stands and bring humanoid crocodiles to the streets of Wellington. 

It’s why we employ talented artists to bring ideas to life using their unique skills. Yes, hand painted advertising (HPA) is all the rage in a world where programmatic ads often fail to break the boredom barrier. HPA is capturing attention – and more importantly, generating sales – in New York as well as New Zealand.

It all comes back to creativity. If you want to foster brand loyalty, a creative mindset is your not-so-secret weapon. Jay Young has shown us how you can make the most of outdoor innovation to achieve your brand objectives.

Got some crazy creative ideas? Bring them to us.

We will take them very seriously.

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