07 Feb 2024

Humanoid Crocodiles in Wellington.

07 Feb 2024

Wellington is continuing to be blessed by the sun this summer.

Things are heating up in the capital and this week Ahsin Ahsin was on fire at Glover Park.

As part of his exhibition at City Gallery, Ahsin took to the streets for a live art exhibition to showcase the upcoming works in Turbo Croc 2.0. We had the pleasure to experience first hand the power of hand painted advertising.

For activations like these, the experience plays an equal part to the finished piece, throughout the day crews of people from all walks of life came through and mingled, chatted and admired the work in progress. 

We caught up with Nicolette Esposito (Marketing powerhouse at CG) to chat activations and picking the right day for it:

How did the project with Ahsin Ahsin come about?

Ahsin’s work is bright, bold and lends itself to imagination, and so when our team first heard about his exhibition ideas were popping off.

We have been looking to do an activation beyond the Gallery walls, and with Ahsin’s background in street art this project just made sense.

What was the decision behind working with Phantom as part of this? 

We knew we wanted to take this project to the streets for all to enjoy. I have been working with our Phantom account manager, Madi for several years and she just makes everything so easy for us, so it was a no brainer!

What about your thoughts on the location?

Glover Park was the perfect location. It’s a bustling park just off vibrant Cuba Street and the site gave us ample room to make the project as big or small as we wanted. Being in a park, we didn’t have to navigate any tricky traffic issues, and it meant that all could come and watch the art unfold for as long as they liked.

For those of us unlucky enough to not be able to see it live (sad face), what was the vibe like on the day?

You never know what Wellington’s temperamental climate is going to do on the day yet we were lucky with one of those “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day” days. The sun was blazing, but we had a nice shady spot for Ahsin to paint. We had music pumping, drinks from Almighty to help cool us off, and a constant stream of friends, whānau and curious bystanders who shared the day with us.

Any similar or exciting projects coming up that we can look forward to?

This is the first time we have done an activation like this, and it has us hungry to do more. We always have something exciting planned for the Gallery, so you’ll just have to wait and see what’s next!

This is one of the sickest events we’ve seen in Wellington in recent years and we’re so stoked to be a part of it.

Yes yes, our marketing manager may have got to enjoy an Almighty beverage and sunbathe all day, but at least we got this video for all those who missed it.

All jokes aside, we’re here to push the boundaries of activation, hand-painted advertising and all things in between.

If you have an idea, we can elevate and execute it.

Get in touch.

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